May 20, 2020

Apple’s India checklist

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Apple’s India checklist

As part of ongoing discussions with the Indian Government, US smartphone giant Apple has outlined a number of prerequisites that will determine the extent of its iPhone manufacturing operations in the country.

Apple’s requests cover a range of incentives that will enable to operate more cost-effectively. These include tax breaks and duty exemptions on raw materials and manufacturing equipment.

A newly released letter has revealed yet more details of the negotiations, particularly Apple’s demands.

It has been revealed that Apple is seeking more than just tax exemptions for its materials and components, but also capital on equipment – for as long as 15 years for both domestic and export markets.

The tech giant also wants regulations prohibiting the import of phones older than three years old to be relaxed. It is probably that this would enable Apple to import older iPhones, repair them in India and export them to international customers.

The letter also demanded that Apple be allowed to transfer pricing agreements between affiliates, as well as the loosening procedures that could impede the company’s manufacturing operations. The saga continues.   

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SOURCE: [Apple Insider]

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