Huawei: intelligent solutions for digital traffic management

By Georgia Wilson
Huawei announces the launch of its intelligent solutions for global digital traffic management...

Following its online summit titled the Intelligent Traffic Management Solution (ITMS), which had the theme of ‘Transform the Way We Move’, Huawei announced the launch of its Intelligent Traffic Management Solution for its overseas markets.

“With faster urbanisation leading to a bigger population, there's a pressing need of information and communication technologies to reduce traffic incidents and improve enforcement efficiency,” commented Huawei in a company statement. 

The launch of its solution aims to address the challenges of traffic law enforcement, traffic violation inspection, and traffic control by harnessing advanced technologies such as big data, AI, cloud and 5G.

Huawei believes that in a post pandemic era, safe transport systems will be essential for economic recovery. "Smooth and orderly traffic is a key prerequisite for the next round of economic recovery. Huawei's Intelligent Traffic Management Solution adopts a variety of new technologies, such as AI and big data, to transform traffic management from experience-based to intelligent, and from ‘looking for a needle in a haystack’ to ‘precisely guided operations’. This improves traffic efficiency, protects road safety, and helps cities address traffic issues and recover their economies,” commented York Yuekun, President of Huawei Global Government Business Unit.

With road traffic management and safety ranking among the top priority for many governments due to its direct impact on life quality, Huawei is working closely with its ecosystem partners to develop the ITMS, supporting system integration on an open platform.

"Traffic and human resources are inseparable. Intelligent off-site law enforcement reduces human resource requirements in traffic management. In the future, we will use big data to perform in-depth relationship analysis in core business domains and use AI to usher in a new era of urban traffic management,” commented Hawkie Zhang, Vice President of E-Hualu International Technology Co., Ltd.

"The solution consists of three parts, namely 'Sharp Eyes', a 'Powerful Brain', and 'Intelligent and Simplified O&M.' The 'Sharp Eyes' module replaces traditional single functionality sensors with intelligent sensors that support deployment of multiple algorithms to better detect violations and collect comprehensive traffic information. The 'Powerful Brain' module processes and analyzes large amounts of traffic data in real-time, enhancing traffic managers' ability to make better and more accurate decisions. The 'Intelligent and Simplified O&M' module uses integrated sites and the eSight O&M platform to support fast and seamless deployment, and E2E multi-dimensional management,” concluded Augustine Chiew, APAC & Russia Lead, Government Business, Huawei, elaborated on Huawei ITMS.

To find out more about Huawei’s Intelligent Traffic Management Solution (ITMS), click here!

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