Geek+ upgrades Nike’s warehouse operations with robotics

By Georgia Wilson
In a recent announcement made by Geek+ the company details its efforts to upgrade Nikes warehouse operations with robotics...

Starting in February 2020, Geek+ has helped Nike (Japan) upgrade its warehouse operations by deploying over 200 robotics. 

The adoption of Geek+’s Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to carry ordered products directly to employees, Nike has increased its picking efficiency, mitigated labor shortages and streamlined its warehouse operations. 

The adoption of this technology comes in response to the rapid growth in online sales and the increasing customer demand for same day delivery services in Tokyo.

With the impact of COVID-19, Geek+ explains that the pandemic has emphasised the need for efficient operations. As a result, in March Geek+ and Nike entered into a new phase of the partnership, when Nike asked for support to conduct a 10 week productivity improvement project. 

Following in depth analysis, Geek+ helped Nike to further optimise its warehouse operations and improve its robot productivity. 

“As manufacturers of robotics solutions with a proven track record and in-depth industry understanding, we’re committed to providing tailored solutions that optimize operations on customer sites. We see the project with Nike as a success, taking smart robotics solutions to a new level of customisation and are happy to announce that we will be making the service available to retailers and logistics players across Japan,” commented Tomohiro Sato, President of Geek+ Japan Office.

Geek+ highlighted that with companies in Japan looking for more efficient logistics services to meet the uptick in ecommerce. The company has launched its consulting services to improve the productivity of ongoing operations and to maximise customer value of its robotics solutions. 

Combining the in depth understanding gathered via the Nike project, and the successes achieved to improve the company’s productivity, Geek+ will utilise the data gathered as a benchmark for future consulting services.

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Image source: Geek+


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