Fonterra partners with HCL Technologies on IT infrastructure

By Allen Jack

India-based company HCL Technologies has announced an important new contract with Fonterra to reimagine and modernise the latter’s IT infrastructure. 

Fonterra, a large multinational dairy company from New Zealand, intends to use the partnership to streamline and optimise its digital operations over several years, with the goal of upgrading its employees’ daily experience.

HCL’s presence in the country will be expanded to three offices and the collaboration is expected to bring roughly 60 new jobs to Fonterra’s Hamilton delivery centre in Waikato.

In addition to enhancing existing IT operations, HCL intends to foster local talent and will invest in the development of native expertise, which will allow future roles to be filled from the nearby area. 

“We have been supporting Fonterra for over a decade by managing its IT application support and maintenance portfolio including SAP,” said Michael Horton, Exec VP & Country Manager, Australia & New Zealand, HCL Technologies. 

Laying a digital foundation


“We are delighted to expand our partnership with Fonterra to modernize and manage the entire technology infrastructure.  This will enable us to further support both Fonterra’s business strategy as well as the agri-tech sector overall in the region.”

Piers Shore, CIO of Fonterra, stated that he held a similar level of excitement about the partnership. 

“Fonterra employees have said there is room for us to improve the tools and technologies we use on a daily basis at work and this partnership with HCL will allow us to make major improvements for our employees in terms of end-user experience and provide the digital foundation to our transformation initiatives.”

“Additionally, this partnership will enable us to improve our cybersecurity framework and strengthen our critical IT foundation.”

“Through our partnership with HCL, we are consolidating our external IT suppliers and through this we expect to make significant savings relative to our existing infrastructure IT spend over the next five years,” he said.

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