FinTech Live London 2022 – 8 highlights of the hybrid event

London plays host to the two-day FinTech Live hybrid event on 1-2 November. As well as keynotes, here are eight great group sessions not to miss

FinTech Live London returns on 1-2 November with another stellar line-up of respected speakers and industry influencers.

The two-day hybrid conference is being held at the striking Magazine London venue in Greenwich from 1-2 November 2022, overlooking the city’s Canary Wharf business district.

Some of the world’s leading FinTech executives will come together to discuss their strategies and shape the future of digital finance in a series of keynotes, roundtables, fireside chats, and Q&A sessions.

Themes across the two-day conference programme include:

  • Open banking
  • Financial Digitisation
  • Future of Fintech
  • Insurtech & Customer Centricity
  • Women in Fintech
  • Investment in Crypto
  • Insurtech & Climate Change
  • Insurtech: Data & AI

Business Chief selects eight essential roundtables, panels and firesides from the event.

Open Banking

Open Banking opens up financial markets with APIs that allow developers to access data and build applications that help create better services and more innovation within the sector. More competition means better business, lower costs and happier customers. Want to know how Open Banking can benefit your business? This panel discussion with feature Nicole Green of Yapily, Roland Mesters of Nordigen, Constanza Castro Feijoo of Open Banking Implementation Entity, and Scott Wilson of Mambu.

Yapily, Pleo, and the Power of Open Banking

Sticking with Open Banking, this session features Joe Armstrong of Pleo and Iain McDougall of Yapily who will address how businesses can better manage costs and increase cash flow by utilising open banking. Don’t miss this fireside chat between open banking platform Yapily and fintech unicorn Pleo.

Unpacking the Futuristic World of Biometric Payments, Virtual Cards & Robot Bankers

This panel of experts includes William Sorby of N26, Hugh Courtney of Zilch, and Axel Cateland of Spendesk who will discuss cashless societies – a reality accelerated by the pandemic and becoming the norm in many countries globally.

However, with any opportunity comes risks as well as rewards, surely highlighted by the panel as they tackle the tech innovations enabling biometric payments, virtual cards and robot bankers.

Investment in Crypto: Risky or Rewarding?

This is a discussion that is sure to have an appeal that reaches far beyond the confines of fintech. Join experts from Campsor Capital and UgoliniCapital as they tackle arguably the hardest topic in the industry – investing in cryptocurrency. Hard to predict and impossible to speak with certainty, will you walk away from this session with a bull or bear attitude?

The Rise of Crypto! Analysing the Risks & Rewards of Decentralised Currencies

We are confident that crypto is going to be one of the hottest talking points in town at this event, so join Richard Crook of BCB Group and Katryna Hanush of Wintermute to find out more about decentralised currencies. Is decentralised finance (DeFi) really something special or does it open up a host of issues like lack of regulation, volatility and cyber attacks? Join the experts to find out their take. 

How Women in Finance Are Smashing the Glass Ceiling

While fintech may be faring better than some technology industries when it comes to gender parity, there is still much to do. This session is sure to spark some passionate discussion as it welcomes Clémentine Svartz of Spendesk, Nina Etienne of SumUp and Angelique Dwyer of BCB Group to share their experiences but also showcases the successes and future scenarios.

Is AI Interface and the Digitisation of Insurance a Necessity?

FinTech Live London also features an insurtech element, which is welcome seeing as the insurance industry is seen as a laggard when it comes to digital transformation. Join experts from Genasys, Howdens, Novidea and Apollo ibott 1971 as they discuss the role of AI in insurance and the steps needed to bring the industry up-to-date and future ready.

How Climate Change Affects the Future of Insurance

Climate change is the existential crisis of our age, and having a huge impact on the insurance industry and the customers that it protects – but can it keep up when there is so much uncertainty and increasingly exaggerated weather events? Join Jamie Rodney of Reask, Adam Rimmer of FloodFlash and a contributor from Previscio to see what can be done.

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