[VIDEO] 'Project Lightning' may enhance Twitter's user experience

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In an attempt to run a new feature aimed toward making it easier for users to discover and share content during live events, the social media platform Twitter will hire an editorial team to package the best tweets, photos, videos and vines for the largest events across the globe.

Although it’s confined to only 140 characters, tweets have long been a way to break news and comment on the latest events and trends. Now there may be even more reason to market your brand on Twitter.

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This latest update may change the way people interact on the app, and will be available on both the desktop and mobile. It has been compared to a new remote control by several high-ranking executives.

Users simply select a button that takes them to a new section with compilations of events happening in real time. Codenamed “Project Lightning,” the project will highlight particular events and conversations.

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With Lightning now part of service, the loads of information cycling through timelines and TweetDecks will now be much more condensed. It will be very similar to Snapchat’s “stories.”

One of its most favourable aspects is the ability to follow breaking news stories as they happen for a short amount of time, as well as the having the top curated tweets from events appear in your timeline.

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“[It’s about] breaking this notion of a purely reverse chronological home timeline where the tweets are only from the people you follow, and reimagining it to make it more about what’s happening now in your world that you care about,” said Twitter’s head of product Kevin Weil.

Reportedly, it may even be possible to see it all without even being logged into Twitter which is all in line with the company’s broader strategy to widen the reach of its content and bring in new users.

Social media just keeps getting better and better.

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