The Next Big Thing: Mobile Marketing

By Bizclik Editor

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Written by Tomer Garzberg

Let’s face it. There are many of you who say, “I just want a mobile phone that makes phone calls.” In this day and age, I hate to say that you’re just not getting the point. Mobile devices have taken over!

The change has been violent and rapid, with 2011 marking a steep climb in mobile device usage and the beginning of the end for desktop and laptop usage. By 2015, mobile Internet usage will surpass that of any other Internet-enabled device on earth.

There are four billion mobile devices in use around the world, with 1.8 billion of those mobile devices being smartphones. Smartphones do more than connect you to someone on the other end of the line—they connect you to the world, help you work, pass the time, play, keep in touch and stay informed. It’s the magic of having data at your beck and call, rather than at a stationary place or by moveable bricks, that keep you connected to the Internet.

People are increasingly mobile these days. They spend more time looking at their small rectangular screen than anything else they do. That’s why it’s important to not only be aware of how mobile marketing is changing the Internet, but how it can help grow your business. Get your company out there into the hands of mobile users by becoming tappable. You’ll reap the rewards before your competitors even get a chance to realise just what is going on. Read on for some tips and tricks to get an edge on the mobile marketing sphere.

Your Website

Got a website? Great. In an ever-increasing, site-less world, your website is being frequented less and less over social opinions and mobile suggestions. Take the time to ensure your website is mobile-compatible by removing the Flash from your site and opting for HTML5 technology instead. That will at least put you in good position in the minds of the growing amount of Apple and Android users out there.

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Your Presence

Being a participant on social media channels is one thing, but marketing to an increasingly mobile market is another. Reinvent the way you talk to your Likers, or Followers, or Subscribers. Short, sharp, interesting bursts of info, plenty of images, videos and incentives are definitely the way to go.

Mobile Apps

Billions of downloads can’t be wrong, right? This is definitely the next level for your business. Replicating your website or your web store won’t cut it here. Mobile App users are after one of three things: Entertainment, Value, or Information. Chances are, what you do, or your idea for an app is already a saturated competitive space, so think outside the square and as to how you can make the lives of mobile app users better.


Building for just one operating system excludes a crucial portion of the mobile market. Although Apple’s iPhone is dominant in Australia, in places like the US, the BlackBerry is still king (although rumour has it they will start to use Android operating system in the near future). Apple’s rising main competitor is Google’s Android, and being open-source, is growing at a faster uptake rate than Apple ever has. Within a few years, Android usage will surpass Apple usage. Make sure you target the important users of both systems.

Trend Riding

Keeping an eye on the most downloaded apps will give you a glimpse as to what the majority of like-minded consumers are using right now on their devices. If it’s a shopping-based application, it might pay to take your business to that app. If it’s a game, check out the advertising opportunities available to you.

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