May 20, 2020

Alipay bridges language gap for Chinese tourists in Australia

Ant Financial
Sarah Smith
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Alipay bridges language gap for Chinese tourists in Australia

ANT Financial’s Alipay has partnered with Australian food and travel platform HarkHark to bring free mobile translation for Chinese consumers in Australian restaurants, as reported on the English China News Service (ECNS) website (ECNS).

Alipay’s payment solution is an increasingly popular method for merchants in the ANZ market to draw Chinese tourists, offering a straightforward and seamless payment option.

According to ECNS, the Alipay-HarkHark joint solution will enable Chinese customers to translate menus by scanning a QR code and subsequently order and pay through the app.

The collaborative effort currently has 500 restaurants involved in the initiative, with those establishments setting the stage for a targeted 2,000 members.


"Chinese tourism is an essential contributor to Australia's thriving hospitality sector," said George Lawson, Alipay ANZ’s Country Manager, ECNS reports.

"And we are committed to helping merchants tailor their offer to meet the needs and expectations of this key market through our new mobile ordering and translation service, and our other mobile payments, lifestyle and marketing tools.

"Anyone who has traveled to a country with an unfamiliar language knows the challenge of trying to read a menu or communicate with restaurant staff.

"This is no different for many Chinese guests in Australia. This initiative will enable Chinese guests to more effectively interact with Australian restaurants and thereby create a better overall customer experience.”

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