The University of Auckland selects Datrium for IT revamp

By William Girling
In a press release, data specialist Datrium has released details that it has been selected by the University of Auckland to overhaul its legacy IT...

In a press release, data specialist Datrium has released details that it has been selected by the University of Auckland to overhaul its legacy IT.

A leader in cloud-based data recovery and ransomware protection, Datrium’s DVX and DRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS were selected by UoA in a bid to modernise its computer infrastructure and secure it with the latest cloud technology.

Both of Datrium’s products are renowned for being cost-effective and easy to use:

  • Datrium DVX features high-performance virtual workloads, fast and simple data centre management and data recovery, strong security and boasts the best ROI in the market.
  • Datrium DRaaS offers ‘failproof’ cloud data recovery, up to 10-times better cost efficiency, instant RTO (recovery time objective), continuous system checks every 30mins and edge computing capabilities.

Empowering IT

The UoA, one of New Zealand’s leading education institutions, has a large-scale data infrastructure that serves 40,000 students and 5,000 staff. Its ultimate objective is the free, easy and open sharing, storing and utilisation of information throughout its facilities.

Recognising that a significant digital transformation strategy would be essential to maintaining this core goal, the University decided that investment in next-gen IT infrastructure was an unavoidable step towards progression.

“As part of our digital transformation efforts, we’re modernizing critical infrastructure including our data centres to empower our IT team to work more efficiently,” commented Sanit Kumar, Infrastructure Services Portfolio Manager at the UoA.

“Datrium checked all our boxes. We were looking for a simplified solution that combines compute, storage, backup, and disaster recovery, and aligns with VMware so we no longer require separate storage, VMware and backup teams.

“The power of Datrium’s converged approach and on-demand disaster recovery to VMware Cloud on AWS and instant RTO capability also brings our team major cost savings.”

Collaborating on a solution

The partnership between the UoA and Datrium was brokered by BEarena, an ASI Solutions company. The result of thorough market research for a solution which would grant the next-gen IT services the University was seeking, BEarena determined that Datrium was best able to condense the UoA’s needs into a single “cross-functional team”.

“Datrium has exceeded our expectations in every area—blazing performance, dramatic total cost of ownership improvements, world-class support, consolidated management—and the list goes on,” said Lloyd Vickery, Country Manager at BEarena.

“I couldn’t be happier with Datrium and more proud that we are supporting The University of Auckland in continuing its achievements as a world-leading university.”

According to Tim Page, CEO of Datrium, the satisfaction is mutual and the partnership timely, as the need for increased protection in the digital arena is gaining momentum:

“Given the enormous rise in ransomware attacks and other disasters, a modern approach to DR is critical. However, it doesn’t need to be an expensive, complicated and unreliable process.

“With our on-demand cloud resources, The UoA will be able to recover from a disaster quickly while keeping cloud costs low. We look forward to helping the University transition to cloud DR and supporting its on-premises infrastructure requirements.”


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