HTC and China Mobile announce global expansion of 5G vision

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Taiwanese tech company HTC has announced the expansion of its partnership with China Mobile to drive the distribution of 5G devices and infrastructure globally

In June, HTC was selected as a lead partner for the China Mobile’s 5G Device Forerunner Initiative for both its deep experience with smartphone handset production and its thriving VR business, with China Mobile seeking to enable widespread adoption of VR in the Chinese market alongside the proliferation of 5G.

The 18 December press release indicated that this partnership has now been expanded to a global scale, with HTC unveiling its 5G Smart Hub at China Mobile’s Global Partner Conference 2018.

By launching the No.1 Forerunner, the 5G hub’s name, HTC has indicated that China Mobile is poised to launch 5G ethernet services as well as 5G mobile in the very near future.

The company added that its 5G aims are focused on developing an ecosystem that both enables and unites AI, blockchain, VR, and AR with the gigabit-per-second capabilities of 5G

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HTC recently unveiled another 5G hub for the Australian market, developed in partnership with Australia’s leading telecommunications company Telstra.

"HTC will continue to drive the innovation on the way of empowering a future with 5G," said Cher Wang, Chairwoman and CEO of HTC, in the 18 December release. 

"As an important partner to China Mobile's '5G Device Forerunner Initiative,' HTC is making efforts to bring innovative products that will not only satisfy users' demands in different scenarios such as on the go, at work, or at home for fast connectivity, but also pave the way to expand the new ecosystem. 

“We believe that 5G technology will help connect solutions across even more applications in the future, enabling users to have a seamless experience across smartphones, VR, AR, and more."


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