May 19, 2020

[Video] RainCheck app is next platform marketers should become familiar with

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[Video] RainCheck app is next platform marketers should become familiar with

As retailers around the world search for ways to help turn online browsing into actual online shopping, the new app RainCheck may be able to help drive sales.

With so many people browsing and researching products on the internet every day, only about 25-35 per cent of possible consumers actually complete those purchases, according to data from SaleCycle. That means nearly 75 per cent of virtual shopping carts never amount to an actual purchase, and take with them about $5.1 billion in potential sales.

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As BI Intelligence estimates about half of that total should be captured, RainCheck, which will launch in Australia this September, has intentions of changing that.

A start-up app co-founded by former Digitas LBi executives, RainCheck attempts to connect online shoppers with offiline purchases. It allows potential customers to save items in a shopping cart “wishlist” on their smartphone or tablet, saves the item’s details into the cloud, then alerts them when they are physically near the product or when special offers are available.

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The RainCheck icon will soon be next to the ‘Add to shopping cart’ icon on the retailer’s website. After initially being started up in November 2014, the company is currently in discussion with several retailers about signing up to the service. If they do, RainCheck will install beacon technology in each of its stores which will communicate with the app when the mobile device is within range.

As the video above shows, RainCheck is the latest app both retailers and potential marketers need to become familiar with.

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