Huawei to power new ICT Infrastructure

By Georgia Wilson
Huawei partners with multiple carriers to power a new ICT infrastructure that incorporates 5G, cloud and artificial intelligence (AI...

In a recent announcement made by Huawei at the ‘Better World Summit 2020’, the company announced that it will be continuously working with global carriers in order to build a new ICT infrastructure that will run on innovative 5G, cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in order to enable intelligent transformation.

"Industry customers have prominent requirements for cloud-based and intelligent office and production systems. Carriers need to build their own or collaborate with others to introduce cloud and AI capabilities as soon as possible. This will help drive the readiness of their 5G operation and business to achieve 5G commercial success,” commented Jacqueline Shi, President of Huawei International Cloud & AI Business Department.

"Huawei's partnership with China Telecom has lasted many years. We have completed multiple success cases using innovative 5G, cloud, and AI products that have helped achieve win-win results with our customers. China Telecom knows that cloud-network synergy is the core of the new ICT infrastructure, and has developed e-Cloud featuring premium capabilities,” added Hu Zhiqiang, General Manager of the Cloud Computing Branch of China Telecom.

Huawei notes that “5G business success requires not only investment in networks, but also 5G operation and business readiness. 5G brings new challenges to traditional operation support platforms as well as carriers' internal service platforms. Not only will the quantity and complexity of call detail records and network and service management greatly increase, but the processing capability required by services will increase dramatically.”

In addition, Huawei highlights that, “the operation support platform needs to match service processes of different industries. The platform that mainly serves the end customer needs to be upgraded to cover all scenarios of consumers and enterprise customers.”

As a result when it comes to 5G business readiness, end-to-end solutions are required to enable digital transformation within multiple industries. In addition the requirements for cloud based and intelligent office systems and production systems should also be considered.

In order to build the new ICT infrastructure that runs on 5G cloud and AI, Huawei has:

  • Launched a Carrier Partner Program, “in-depth cooperation is crucial to delivering new technologies, capabilities, and applications on the cloud to customers quickly and efficiently, as well as improving the competitiveness of carriers in serving enterprises' digital transformation.”  
  • Provided full-stack, all-scenario AI solutions that comprise of underlying hardware, operator development tools, AI application development frameworks, development platforms, and application enablement. 
  • Provided carriers with a faster, stronger, and smarter system-level architecture in order to meet the requirements of exponential growth of computing power, in addition to helping carriers cope with new challenges and promote the upgrade of data infrastructure.

To find out more about the ‘Better World Summit 2020’, Click here!

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