May 19, 2020

Carbon neutral Sendle partners with DHL to help businesses deliver to 220 countries

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Carbon neutral Sendle partners with DHL to help businesses deliver to 220 countries

Australian carbon neutral delivery company Sendle has signed a deal with DHL eCommerce, designed to offer international parcel delivery services for small businesses.

Companies in Australia will soon be able to take advantage of door-to-door delivery with Sendle managing domestic pickups in Australia and DHL eCommerce providing access to over 220 countries and territories in DHL’s network worldwide. 

Sendle claims to offer services for as much as 40% below that charged by Australia Post, and with Amazon’s imminent arrival into the country, this partnership may well help other businesses compete.



James Chin Moody, CEO and Co-Founder at Sendle, said: “From day one, our mission has been to unlock the power of big business delivery infrastructure for millions of small businesses.

“Our agreement with DHL eCommerce, a true world leader in logistics, is a major step forward in levelling the playing field in Australia. By doing so, we aim to help more small businesses expand globally and thrive in the Amazon age.”

The partnership also fits neatly with DHL’s own ambitions for its logistics operations to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Charles Brewer, CEO, DHL eCommerce, added: “Delivery performance is a critical success factor for any e-commerce business and an extremely crucial part of the consumer’s shopping experience.

“Australian SMEs are winners in this partnership as we combine DHL’s global expertise and reach with Sendle’s deep knowledge of small businesses to create simple and affordable solutions for international parcel delivery.”

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