Australian businesses can now sign up to Fulfilment by Amazon

By Addie Thomes

American ecommerce giant Amazon has embarked on what many are calling its second wave of attack into the Australian retail industry.

Sellers signed up to its marketplace can now utilise Fulfilment by Amazon, which will house, pick, package and distribute products on behalf of retailers selling through the platform.

Amazon will also be able to handle all customer returns.

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This has been made possible by a huge warehouse that Amazon has developed in South Victoria, which will also be able to cater for free one-day deliveries on eligible orders of $49 or more. One-day delivery will also be available on other products to certain parts of Australia.

The next stage of Amazon’s launch will be the introduction of Prime membership for consumers, which the company is hoping will be available by the middle of this year.

It has also significantly expanded its product range, with tens of millions of items now available to purchase on the platform.

Amazon Australia’s head of FBA Mr Amit Mahto said: “Size doesn’t matter in the digital economy and Amazon Marketplace helps to level the playing field when it comes to starting or growing a business.”

Amazon has also been busy working with Australian bank Westpac, installing banking services on its Alexa home assistant device.


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