Westpac introduces new range of designer wearable payment accessories

By Galia Ilan

The Australian bank based in Sydney, Westpac, has announced the launch of its latest range of wearable payment accessories.

The Centsitive Objects range follows the bank’s initial payment accessories launch in October, and is being marketed by Westpac as ‘designer’.

The collection has been designed by Hayden Cox, the Sydney-based entrepreneur.

“When developing this range I wanted to create something that was relevant and multi-functional that supports the Australian way of life, as well as a diverse range of tastes and preferences,” Cox remarked.

“It was really important for the range to blend seamlessly into different daily routines – resulting in a collection of clean-line, modern and versatile designs.”

“As a designer, I am so honoured to be working with Westpac on what is essentially introducing a new category to the Australian market.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, from creating the prototypes by hand myself, to seeing them through to the final packaged product.”

The items are valued between AU$20 (US$14.24) and AUS$30 (US$21.35), and feature keychains, wristbands, tags, pins, and patches.

“Our customers are increasingly on-the-go with more than 56,000 now using PayWear to support their everyday transactions,” stated Jenny Melhuish, Head of Group Brand, Advertising & Media at Westpac.

“So we've evolved our existing range of accessories to create something special that offers a sleek, subtle, and convenient way to tap-and-pay.”

“We know personal style and choice matters to our customers; in fact we've found 38 percent of Australians find style important when it comes to wearable devices, and 71 percent would use a wearable if it fits their personal style and lifestyle.”

Australia reportedly has one of the highest rates of contactless payment usages around the world – however, less than 1% of contactless payments are made with phones or accessories.


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