VMware: powering Singapore’s innovation economy

By Georgia Wilson
VMware commits to powering Singapore's innovation economy, by enabling a future ready workforce...

In an announcement made by VMware the company has announced its commitments to power Singapore's innovation economy, by enabling a future ready workforce.

In its efforts to achieve this, VMware has launched a pilot training initiative called ‘Getting Future Ready’. The initiative aims to deepen expertise and specialisation in next generation technology. The flexible program that runs for eight weeks, is available to VMware customers and partners that enroll in the SGUnited Traineeship program. 

"The vibrancy and strength of Singapore's innovation economy, along with its deep pool of tech talent, serve as a powerful testament to the country's Smart Nation ambitions," commented Adrian Hia, Country Manager, VMware Singapore. 

"As organizations continue to adapt, respond and accelerate their businesses in this new digital paradigm, VMware is committed to leveraging our industry-leading technologies and expertise to upskill and enable a new generation of tech talents, so they can drive Singapore's economy forward in its next chapter of growth."

The program will offer up to 1,000 traineeship opportunities for companies based in Singapore, and will include a mixture of instructor and self led training sessions, which can be conducted both in person and online.

Those that take part in the trainee program will undergo a capstone certification event at the end of the program to apply what they have learned. Those who pass will be awarded industry-recognized certifications.

"Singapore's innovation ecosystem is going through an immense shift in how modern applications are being built, run and managed to meet fast-changing customer demands. Our partnership with VMware underscores our strong commitment to support enterprises on their business innovation journeys. In addition, VMware's training programme will also help to strengthen our competencies, enhancing our ability to tap on cutting-edge technologies to drive greater outcomes for organisations in Singapore," commented Manjot Singh Mann, Chief Executive Officer, M1.

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