Ping An lands global recognition for AI innovations

Chinese insurance firm Ping An has announced that it has been recognised for its artificial intelligence (AI) solutions focused on human language processing for the healthcare industry.

Of the 72 teams that took part in the three-test 2019 MEDIQA challenge, sponsored by the international Association of Computational Linguistics (ACL), Ping An Smart City’s Natural Language Processing team secured first place in Recognising Question Entailment whilst landing second place in Natural Language Interface (NLI) and medical Question Answering (QA).

800mn potential patients benefit from Ping An’s medical healthcare AI which, according to the firm’s press release, covers 1,000 common diseases.


“This outstanding achievement demonstrated the world-class healthcare Natural Language Processing technology capability of Ping An,” said Dr Xie Guotong, Chief Healthcare Scientist of Ping An Group, in the press release.

“Natural Language Processing is one of the most difficult challenges in AI. The MEDIQA challenge has increased the interest of many first-class universities and research institutions.”

Dr Ni Yuan, Head of PANLP, added: “Recognizing Question Entailment technology has been applied in Ping An’s healthcare AI services, such as AskBob, the medical search engine, available in more than 1000 medical organizations in China to provide critical clinical decision support services to enhance doctors’ diagnosis and treatment decisions.

“The win reflects Ping An’s strength in academic competition as well as advanced medical technology capabilities.”


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