Sungrow connects China's largest solar-plus-storage project

By Georgia Wilson
Global inverter solution supplier for renewables - Sungrow - celebrates the successful connection of China's largest solar-plus-storage project...

In an announcement made by Sungrow, the company reports that alongside Huanghe Hydropower Development, the two companies have successfully connected China’s largest solar-plus-storage project.

The project includes a 2.2 GW PV park and a 202.86MW/202.86MWh energy storage plant, which is now connected to a 800kV ultra-high voltage power line, in order to transfer the power from west to east China.

Sungrow reports that the ultra-high voltage power line will maximise the consumption of renewable energy and fuel the transition to a low carbon economy for eastern China, as well as facilitating western economic growth.

Sungrow’s capabilities

Sungrow’s PV and energy storage portfolio comes with an embedded subarray energy management function, allowing the plant to control the output of solar and storage, as well as increasing accuracy of generation forecasts.

Sungrow states that its “flexibly-built microgrid system with Sungrow PV and energy storage system can supply electricity in the early construction period, making it one of the fastest completed renewable energy projects with a construction duration of over 4 months. The combination of PV and energy storage can also bring additional benefits, like ensuring grid stability.”

With its expertise in both PV and energy storage, the company can provide responsive and expert services to optimise cost.

The company adds that “the rising demand for energy and the push towards low-carbon energy sources leads to the rapid growth of PV parks across the globe,” with expectations that the marketplace will be prosperous in the future, due to its capacity to cope with the ‘randomness’ and ‘intermittence’ of renewable energy.

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Image source: Sungrow


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