Top 10 Tips to Social Media Success

By Bizclik Editor

For those seated at the top, time is at a premium. Many employers simply don’t have enough time to delve into the world of social media marketing and understand how best to harness it for business success.

Digital media expert Lisa Harrison, of Sunshine Coast-based POMO Creative, offers courses to help sharpen the social media skills of certified expert employees, such as this innovative class held at Quest College.

Here, Ms Harrison has compiled her ten top tips to social media success for the savvy business owner:

1.       Use your time wisely. You know you need to be in the social media game, for business reasons – but learning takes time you don’t have. Instead, make the executive decision to delegate this piece to your employees.

2.       Seek out superstars.  Identify employees who are already social media superstars – yes, the ones who talk the language of tweets, pins and likes.

3.       Ask for advice. Ask your superstars for their opinions on how best to reach your customers through social media campaigns. Share your larger business goals so that strategies are aligned and on message. Let ideas flow freely – you’ll likely be surprised by what you hear.

4.       Learn a little. Ask your social media superstars to teach you just enough about the top social networks so that you understand their concept, strategy, audience and potential.

5.       Let go – watchfully. Empower your people to undertake social media efforts on behalf of your company. This shows that you trust your team. Of course, like any good businessperson, ask for regular updates so that you can keep them on track.

6.       Think bottom line. Instead of worrying about diverting business resources into social media, look to the long-term payoff. An investment in social media [employee time, as well as training expenses] can pay for itself in new business leads.

7.       Set measurable goals. As a business owner, your focus is on the bottom line. Social media strategy is no different. Set realistic goals that enable you to evaluate your investment like any other business undertaking. For example, this could translate to bringing in a certain percentage of new business over through digital channels.

8.       Phone a friend. Not sure if there’s real value in investing in social media? Ask a friend in a local networking group, or a fellow business owner, about their successes. You will likely be surprised at what’s worked for others – and paid for itself by reaping profits.

9.       Show off. Now that you’ve taken the plunge into digital media marketing, shout it from the hills so that your customers know you’re an innovator. Mention your social media presence and successes in marketing materials and to potential clients.

10.   Keep a happy home. Reward your employees who are critical to your social media strategy by investing in their professional development. Training classes reinforce that you value and trust your social media stars -- and could enhance your company’s employee retention.


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