Top tools to spice up your business presentation

By Bizclik Editor

When you think ‘business presentation’, its more than likely you also think of Microsoft’s heavyweight PowerPoint software, however when a presentation is one of the most effective ways to convey your message, sometimes you crave a little more flare to really get your voice heard.

With the proliferation of apps now on the market, your options are no longer limited. Business Review Australia presents three digital presentation alternatives that could help you wow your audience and seal the deal.

Haiku Deck


This app has been described as the “Instagram for pitch decks” because of its focus on the look and feel of presentations. The app allows users to create sharp and engaging designs, its main selling point being that ‘ideas should be simple, beautiful and fun.’

The app is a million miles away from the white pages of PowerPoint, rather its full of creative features such as high-resolution in house graphics and themes. Furthermore, you can also import images easily from Creative Commons, Getty Images, Facebook, Dropbox and more.

This app is fantastic if you want to inspire your audience using bold imagery. Its great for conveying a sharp yet simple idea. This is a great tool not only for private presentations, but also for public events as you can turn your iPad into a remote prompter and project your presentation onto a large screen.

Haiku Deck is available for free on iOS.



Projeqt’s expertise lies in pulling content from the web, in real-time and making it look awesome in a presentation. We have all found something online that we want to share, but it ends up looking ugly and clunky in PowerPoint.

Projeqt is a non-liner presentation tool has mastered the art of pulling content from multiple sources and inserting them straight into your presentation – not to mention it has a responsive design and intuitive user interface that makes creating pitches a joy rather than an arduous mission.

Want to use your LinkedIn account in a presentation? No problem. Facebook? Sure! YouTube, Spotify, Twitter… the possibilities are endless. Projeqt is unique in its design and creates super engaging slides packed full of information – you will need an internet connection to use this service.

Sign up for free.



Keynote has been gaining popularity since its launch and is well known for its versatility and ease of use. The iOS application, which can be used on iPad, iPhone or iPod, almost makes creating slideshows enjoyable.

The app works through iCloud meaning your file will be updated on all your devices, making it an ideal option if you want a slideshow you can use on more than on occasion. Use the full-screen view to present from your device, or use video mirroring to present on an HDTV.

With Keynote, you get to preview your slides and notes — as well as a clock and timer — so you stay on track, but the audience is privy only to the main display. This is great for pacing yourself if you know you need to speak within a certain amount of time.

You also have the ability to record audio voiceover and set slide timing if you can’t be there in person. And if you like to roam about the room while you present, add the Keynote Remotefor $0.99 to your iPhone or iPod Touch. It turns your device into a wireless controller from which you can also view your presentation.

Keynote is available for $9.99 on iOS.


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