May 20, 2020

World Tea and Coffee Expo - five things you need to know

World Tea and Coffee Expo
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World Tea and Coffee Expo - five things you need to know

India will welcome the fourth World Tea & Coffee Expo (WTCE) – and event that will see a number of key players converge on the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai.

The event, which spans Thursday 20th October to Saturday 22nd Oct 2016 is a dedicated global trade event for the tea, coffee and allied sectors. It consists of an expo, a two-day high-level conference, and workshops.

With such a variety of attendees, the Expo offers industry players a wide a variety of solutions. You could be in search of a joint-venture partner, a franchiser, or simply exploring branding possibilities – the Expo is very likely to meet those needs.

1. Networking

WTCE gives an opportunity to showcase products, services and technologies, network with focused buyers, and find practical solutions to issues faced by the sector. In addition to catering to a huge and growing domestic market, the hot beverage segment is a major earner providing large scale employment opportunities, especially to women.

2. Industry-wide

The 2016 edition will host 70 Exhibitors from seven countries with interests in tea, coffee, and hot beverages. Expect high-profile appearances from the Tea Boards of India and Sri Lanka. A large number of sub-industries will also be present; among them specialty teas, vending solutions, and certifying bodies.    

3. Track record

Since its inception in 2013, the expo has brought the global industry players closer, enabled mega deals in addition to being the definite launch pad for new products and technologies especially for SMEs who aspire for national / international expansion but have low budgets. This trade fair is supported by the Ministry of Commerce (Tea Board of India) and is also supported by leading national and international bodies.

4. Unmissable conference

Priti Kapadia, Director at Sentinel Exhibitions Asia – the company responsible for organising the Expo – said: “An integral part of the Expo is a high-level, two-day conference by industry leaders, academicians and policy makers and also workshops by Tea & Coffee experts.”

The conference is billed to cover a number of current issues affecting the tea and coffee industries. Topics including sustainability, GST impact, design, brand innovation, and much more will be discussed.

5. Ahead of the trend

Hot beverages are becoming increasingly popular across the world and have witnessed positive growth in the last few years thanks to intensive marketing campaigns. The global market for RTD (Ready-to-Drink) Tea and Coffee is expected to reach $150 billion by 2021 with an annual growth rate of 9 percent. The Asia-Pacific region is the largest market and also showing maximum growth. 

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Jul 17, 2021

Coal India Secures First-Of-Its-Kind Digital Deal

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Coal India Limited has secured a new deal with Accenture Solutions to consult on enhancing mining performance and production through a digital endeavour

Coal India Limited (CIL) has appointed Accenture Solutions to digitally transform seven of its open-cast mines as the company strives to improve performance and increase coal production. Accenture is due to lay down digitalisation groundwork until March 2022.

The deal aims to increase coal production by 100 million tonnes (MT) by the end of FY’23. Once the minimum quantity has been surpassed, an agreed sum will be paid to the consultant for every additional sum of coal produced. This success fee will only be paid on the procurement of the minimum assured quantity. 

The move will see heavy earth moving machinery (HEMM) fitted with digital sensors to monitor performance efficiency at all levels. Additionally, modern data analytic techniques aim to increase mine productivity and project monitoring through functional system management and effective observation. 

An Exciting Venture For Global Mining

CIL, which aims to provide energy security in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner, hopes the move will help transform the entire business of mining operations and ensure higher volumes of coal are acquired at a lower cost. 

“This is a first of its kind initiative by the company utilising digitalisation to ramp up coal output,” CIL has said. 

A Digital Step Towards Enhanced Performance

Digitalisation is expected to take place at open-cast mines in Kusmunda, Gevra, Dipka of Southern Eastern Coalfields (SECL), Migahi, Jayant, Dudhichua, and Khadia of Northern Coalfields (NCL). Nearly 32% (188 MT) of CIL’s 596 MT output in FY’21 was accounted for by the seven selected mines. However, this new deal is set to see a large increase following the subsequent digital changes due to be made.  

“Learning from the outcome and success of this model, we may replicate it in our other large mines,” says CIL, optimistic about the future following the modernisation of their mining. 

It is expected that the move will help address roadblocks and guarantee corrective measures are put into place, ensuring the company is able to move forward with its aim of increasing output whilst remaining sustainable and eco-friendly.

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