Digital Strategy Articles

Huawei Delivers Growth, Revenue Rises Despite 'Challenges'

Huawei’s Rotating Chairman Ken Hu credits 'trust and support' of partners and customers for impressive growth and revenue of nearly US$100 billion in 2023

How FPT is Driving Digital Ecosystems in Vietnam and SEA

Frank Bignone, VP and Director of Digital Transformation at FPT Software, Shares his Insights on Digital Ecosystems in Asia, and Strategy Tips for CEOs

Neurodiversity: value of hiring people who think differently

Businesses in Asia are realising the benefits neurodivergent employees bring – but how best to attract, retain and empower talent for business success

Why the M&A route to Gen AI could be the best solution

Andrea Guerzoni, EY Global VC for Strategy and Transactions on navigating the Gen AI opportunity and why the M&A route could provide the best solution


Nirvik Singh, COO Grey Group on adding colour to campaigns

Nirvik Singh, Global COO and President International of Grey Group, cultivating culture and utilising AI to enhance rather than replace human creativity

Southeast Asia: path to profitability for digital companies

With Southeast Asia’s digital economy poised to hit US$100 billion in revenue, Google, Temasek and Bain report on the opportunities for profitable growth

Nvidia to release chips to avoid US-China importing ban

Nvidia is planning to release three new chips for the Chinese market in a bid to circumvent a ban on Chinese companies importing US chips

How AI is ushering in the age of the augmented workforce

Matt Candy, Global Managing Partner for GenAI at IBM Consulting, on what an AI-powered future of work looks like and what leaders should do now to adapt