Digital Strategy Articles

How Windows is powering the future of hybrid work in Asia

Brand-new developments for Microsoft Windows in management, security, productivity and collaboration deliver tools and tech that make hybrid work, work

VMware's 7 Rs of Modernisation – how best to update apps

Marc Zottner and Michael Coté at VMware share how best to update your apps during times of digital transformation

Startup AMI making mental healthcare accessible in Asia

Asian mental wellness platform pioneer Ami plans to make mental healthcare more accessible for employees in Asia, and Meta is backing them

How digital twin applications can make cities more resilient

With 500 cities expected to deploy digital twin technology by 2025 to bolster sustainability and operations, WEF and CAICT partner to accelerate adoption

Wolfspeed opens first silicon carbide chip factory

Wolfspeed, formerly Cree, opens the world’s first silicon carbide semiconductor fabrication facility in New York to provide energy efficient chips for EVs

How Microsoft is transforming Asia’s economies and societies

From building datacenters to mentoring startups and upskilling the workforce, Microsoft is dedicated to empowering Asia-Pacific to drive societal progress

What the Australia-Singapore FinTech Bridge Agreement means

Singapore and Australia have signed a pact to strengthen cooperation between their fintech ecosystems – here’s what the FinTech Bridge Agreement delivers

How imagine promoted digitalisation in Brunei during Covid19

Suzannawati binti Suharju, Chief Executive Officer at imagine, is at the forefront of digitalising Brunei Darussalam and turning it into a ‘smart nation’