Will Wellend Health End Female Breast Cancer In Australia?

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Maybe. Here’s how they are reducing the risk of breast cancer in women.

Dr. Stephen Birrell is a highly regarded doctor and scientist, and is co-founder and medical director of Wellend Health. Dr. Birrell’s focus is on the effect of androgens (better known as testosterone) on breast tissue. Like many researchers, he was on the path to try and discover a cure for the disease but found a related cause to channel his efforts. After his wife Shelley developed severe menopausal symptoms, Dr. Birrell began to research the success of safe hormonal supplementation.

What do these symptoms have to do with breast cancer, you ask? Although breast density is supposed to decrease around the time menopause hits, this doesn’t always happen for women. A thicker breast density increases the risk of breast cancer. Dr. Birrell’s solution to this, as well as symptoms of hormonal imbalance and maladies caused by inadequate hormone availability, is a personalised hormone supplement that is implanted in the ‘fat’ of the lower abdomen or lower hip that will slowly dissolve over four months, called T+Ai Therapy.

The treatment has had astounding results: breast density decreases shortly after implantation, and long-term effects can include reduced risk of breast cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, depression and/or mood swings, and arthritis. Perhaps the best news with this treatment is that there are no significant negative side effects.

Wellend Health was created to be a “place of wellness, not a place of illness,” like a hospital or wherever a woman might get her treatments for breast cancer. The company is focused on “Helping you achieve a foundation of good health; firstly by getting your hormones in balance, and then by helping you incorporate simple and natural solutions into your daily life so that you feel well and stay well.” By focusing on the wellness of their clients instead of the negativity that surrounds a disease like cancer, Wellend Health and Dr. Birrell are bringing hope and real results to the cancer fight.

To learn more about Wellend Health, visit their website.


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