Who topped the Australian Financial Review's 2017 Rich List?

By Wedaeli Chibelushi

Each year for 34-years, The Australian Financial Review has released its Rich List . 2017 is no different. Financial Review released the anticipated feature and found that Anthony Pratt, head of the Visy Industries cardboard box manufacturing and recycling empire in Australia and Pratt Industries in the United States, came first. 

Pratt has a record personal wealth of $12.6 billion and tops the list for the first time since 2009.

"Money is a great scoreboard of success, or one of them," Mr Pratt told Financial Review. "It's a great honour and I feel very fortunate that I'm in a position that I can build a business."

Combined, the top 20 Rich Listers are worth $100.7 billion. Here are the very top ten:

1. Anthony Pratt

Wealth:$12.60 billion

Industry: Manufacturing

Role: Executive Director, Pratt Industries and Visy

2. Harry Triguboff

Wealth: $11.45 billion

Industry: Property

Role: Managing Director, Meriton

3. Gina Rinehart

Wealth: $10.41 billion

Industry: Resourced, rural

Role: Chairman, Hancock Prospecting

4. Frank Lowry

Wealth: $8,2 billion

Industry: Property

Role: Chairman, Westfield

5. Ivan Glasenberg

Wealth: $6.85 billion

Industry: Resources

Role: Chief Executive, Glencore

6. Andrew Forrest

Wealth: $6.84 billion

Industry: Resources

Role: Chairman, Fortescue Metals

7. John Gandel

Wealth: $6.10 billion

Industry: Property, investment

Role: Principal, Gandel Group

8. Hui Wing Mau

Wealth: $6.00 billion

Industry: Property

Role: Chairman, Shimao Property Holdings

9. James Packer

Wealth: $4.75 billion

Industry: Entertainment (gaminig)

Role: Major shareholder, Crown Resorts

10. Stan Perron

Wealth: $3.90 billion

Industry: Property, investment

Role: Founder, Perron Group


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