What Industry Holds the Next Employment Boom for Australia?

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The mining boom has long been over and the national unemployment rate reached a 12-year high in January: now what? From the unemployed to the recent university graduate, the sluggish economy has many people worried. But there are opportunities out there: you just have to know where to look.

“All the jobs in Australia are really in the service sector—in retail, finance, and health and community services in particular, especially as the population gets older,” says Phil Lewis, director of the Centre for Labour Market Research at the University of Canberra.

Healthcare—and health related jobs in general—as well as the services sector are likely to see the most growth in the coming years.

Nurses will be in high demand in particular—with an expected growth of around 15 percent in the next three years—as the demands on the health sector increase because of the aging population. Hospitals to community health centres will need nurses, as well as aged-care facilities. And as Australia’s people get older, more aged or disabled care workers will be hired to meet the growing need.

Image from The New Daily.

Although there will be growth throughout the healthcare sector, the Department of Employment prediction is specifically highlighting growth in podiatry. Specialising in diagnosing and treating conditions of the foot and ankle, these specialists can work in private practise or in government agencies, hospitals and podiatry colleges.

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With a predicted growth of over 18 percent in the next three years, the fitness instructor field will also be expanding. This is in part driven by the increase of obese Australians and the growing desire to remain fit and active late into life.

Other careers, including event organisers, special education teachers and English as a second language teachers are also expected to increase.

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Information sourced from The New Daily.



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