Smart Cities 2020: rethinking urban sustainability

By Allen Jack

On 28 to 29 May 2020, industry leaders will have the chance to gather in Melbourne for the Smart Cities 2020 event, aiming to devise eco-cities of the future.

Following on from the well-received 2019 event, participants will be asked to consider how urban spaces can be organised or designed to push the boundaries of liveability, sustainability and ease of work. 

The organisers have announced that a pool of experts and speakers will discuss the issues, both domestic and international, whilst attendees will also be able to network, attend a gala dinner and an awards ceremony.

Considering the modern city

Amongst the focus areas that will be discussed are: the circularly economy, city data and infrastructure, mobility and ‘smart communities’. 

Whilst a ‘smart city’ places the onus on increasing environmental efficiencies that make a local economy more sustainable, a ‘smart community’ instead seeks to maximise social engagement and improve the quality of day-to-day life for ordinary citizens.


The Smart Cities 2020 event, therefore, will be a prime opportunity for businesses to make significant gains augmenting both sustainability measures and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

“Our cities, and the way we live and move about in them, are changing,” said the organisers on the event website. 

“Thanks to new technologies, such as energy efficiency optimisation in buildings, interconnected transport modes and digitised utilities optimised based on actual consumption patterns, there are so many ways our cities can be smarter, better places to live.”

Recognising talent

Not just a way for companies and individuals to trade ideas, the Smart Cities event also recognises the work already accomplished by innovative cities.

Winners from 2019 include the City of Newcastle & City of Prospect, which were jointly awarded ‘Smart City of the Year - Metropolitan’, Latrobe City Council & City of Darwin, winners of regional smart city honour, and the City of Wanneroo for best integration of tech.

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