Moovaz introduces next-gen logistics with smart tech

By Allen Jack

Singapore-based startup Moovaz has reportedly secured US$7mn in Series A funding to drive its reimagining of the logistics process with smart tech. 

Promoting a thoroughly modern approach, the company was formed by young entrepreneurs and industry experts who wanted to create a seamless, smooth and easy relocation process for professionals seeking to pursue a “digital nomad lifestyle”. 

As technology continues to break down barriers in geography and lifestyle, Moovaz recognised that a new service for those who want to fully explore the benefits of the digital era would need to be established. 

"Relocating from one country to another is a huge logistic undertaking. You have to uproot everything, manage accommodation and travel plans, apply for visas, open new bank accounts. Basically move your entire life," said Lee Junxian, Co-Founder and CEO. 

"Despite all the tech innovations out there, relocation services remain notoriously slow, expensive and inefficient. As the world opens up, these challenges need to be addressed. Our goal is to use innovation to provide a complete moving solution for global citizens, and eliminate the headache that comes with moving your life."


Next-gen logistics

Although a relatively new company - it was founded in 2017 - Moovaz is already trusted by professionals working for high-profile companies like Microsoft, KPMG, Amazon, VISA and HSBC.

The core component of the company’s approach is its utilisation of smart tech to increase visibility during the transit process. Offering unique user dashboard from which customers can track their belongings at any time, Moovaz is revolutionising customer assurance and experience.

The industry expertise of its staff also means that practically every aspect of the moving process can be planned for the customer, from packing to shipping. 

In addition, Moovaz and its partners can assist with immigration and taxation queries, finance, telecoms and lifestyle actions, and many more. 
Primarily serving the Asia-Pacific region at present, the company is excited by the prospect of scaling-up and expanding to further markets. Facilitating this development will be its partnerships with investor groups Quest Ventures and SGInnovate, as well as supply chain conglomerate YCH Group.

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