Minecorp leads the way for Aussie fleet industry

By Eric Harding

For fleet managers searching for outstanding quality, great results and full regulatory compliance, look no further than Minecorp.

The Australian leader in safe, sturdy and compliant fleet vehicle modification, Minecorp manufactures and installs fit-out solutions for all commercial fleets, while working with customers to ensure a customised solution with quality automotive accessories, components and a complete vehicle conversion that is fit for purpose when customers need it.

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A proud member of its Thailand-based parent company RMA Group, Minecorp traditionally has been heavily involved in the mining and resource sector. A world leader in design, manufacture and installation of light and heavy duty vehicles, purpose-built modified vehicles and fleet solutions, RMA Group has supplied over 45,000 vehicles to a diverse global customer base including major mining sites, non-governmental orgainisations (NGOs), the United States government as well as corporate clients.

As one of Australia’s top suppliers of fleet applications, Minecorp is firmly entrenched as RMA’s only company in the Australian automotive division, and creates a mutually beneficial business environment and the highest possible standards of industry knowledge and service delivery.

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With its Australian headquarters located in Brisbane, along with a satellite facility in Perth that conducts vehicle modifications and warehousing in the west Australian market, Minecorp has invested heavily in research and development (R&D) in recent years.

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