LinkedIn's top 10 companies for Indian professionals

By Wedaeli Chibelushi

Flipkart is India's number one employee, according to social network LinkedIn. LinkedIn has collated a "Top Companies Where India Wants to Work Now" list, comprising firms where Indian professionals most apply for jobs, engage with, and stay working at over the years. The list covers 10 industries and includes companies such as Alphaber, Ola and OYO Rooms. 

"The Top Companies list is based on the billions of actions taken by LinkedIn's 500+ million members," LinkedIn wrote in a blog post. "Our data team, working with our global editorial team, analyzed those actions to come up with a blended score ranking the winners in each country".

Here is 2017's top 10 companies in India:

1. Flipkart

2. Amazon

3. KPMG India

4. One97 Communications

5. OLA

6. HCL Technologies

7. Adobe

8. Alphabet

9. OYO Rooms

10. Reliance Industries


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