The League of Extraordinary Women Hosting Female Entrepreneurs Conference in Brisbane

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The League of Extraordinary Women, like Beyoncé, knows who run the world. So to encourage, impassion and celebrate women in business, LEW will be hosting the one-day Run the World, a female entrepreneurs’ conference May 16 in Brisbane.

The League has chosen 10 trail-blazing women who will share their strategies, secrets, insights, learnings and more with interested conference goers. Speakers include Lisa Messenger, editor-in chief of The Collective Magazine, who will divulge how a woman with no background in print magazines can independently launch a 176 page glossy lifestyle publication into an industry heralded ‘dying’; and Jane Lu, CEO of fashion website Showpo, who will lend lessons on failure, having launched fashion website Showpo off the back of a failed business venture, $50,000 in debt, and still living at home with her parents.

Other speakers include The Content Folk founder Nicole Kersh, Nads founder, Sue Ismiel, and Charlton Brown General Manager Petrina Fraccaro. Five more speakers are still to be announced.

Some of you may be wondering why Brisbane was chosen as the conference location over Sydney or Melbourne, as the city is sometimes seen as lacking in culture and inspiration for its local entrepreneurs and creatives.

 “Brisbane is the second largest of our 20,000-strong community.” Shared Searle. “And it’s a great community, and really thriving on the entrepreneurship front, but unfortunately tends to miss out on events like this while some of the other capital cities are spoilt for choice.

“We’re thrilled to take Run the World to Brisbane so we can inspire female entrepreneurs to believe in their dreams, follow their hearts, think outside the square, and do whatever it takes to make their dream a reality.”

The conference will be held at the Gardens Theatre in Brisbane. Tickets are on sale now.


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