How To Become The Go-To Solution Into The Growing Small Business Market

By Natasa Denman

Does your small business niche seem saturated for competition? It was only yesterday that I was reading a post online where someone was complaining about how many new people had entered his industry over the last five years.

The deeper he delved into his story, the more I wanted to challenge him on what he was doing to stay ahead of the pack. It is easy to look at everything as a problem rather than focus on a solution. Hey, most of us have done so at some time in our lives, so I could see his justification story rolling along nicely.

By its very design, small business has so many new people entering its tempting tentacles that several people blame market saturation as the reason they are struggling, rather than poor business operations.

I have used many small businesses myself and when I first realized I needed ones product or service I found that I was bombarded with choice. Each had a professional website. Many had an online presence with great client testimonials and a smart professional photo. Yet the more I looked, the more it seemed they were morphing into one identity. And in case you didn’t know, that is the worst thing that can happen to you in your industry.

I am very passionate about standing out from the crowd and making business real and unique. It shows confidence, assuredness and personality. I wanted to share with you how you can stand out in a crowded industry and become the ‘go-to’ provider as after all, we could all use a competitive advantage.

Review Your Message

As I mentioned earlier, when you are in a highly saturated market, you need to be unique to attract those people who, like me, saw rows upon rows of red Porsches when all I wanted to see was a black Lamborghini.

Make sure that your copy is clear, concise and above all, appealing to the type of person you want to work with. Make your message magnetic by clearly identifying your market, stating how you can solve your prospects problem and what results in advance they would get if they decided to work with you.

Go Where Your Ideal Clients Are

Most of us have heard the saying, “shooting fish in a barrel.” Spend some time identifying and researching where your ideal clients spend their time.

As a general rule for most professional industries, they will be on LinkedIn, but don’t discount other places like Facebook or online business help and information blogs. When you enter into their space, make sure that you respect it and interact in a professional manner and add as much value as you can.

Become the authority figure and expert within your prospects space; if done the right way, you will start to get results. The results might be a visit to your website (yes they will online check you out!) an email or a message.

Write A Book

My number one to become the ‘go-to’ expert in a saturated niche is to write a book on your experience and knowledge. Nothing instantly explodes your credibility quicker than becoming an author.

EBooks, white papers and special reports are now a dime a dozen and any website worth their salt has one of the aforementioned as an opt-in or value add.

Here is how a published book will expand your reach and build your profile within the industry.

Firstly, just having written on your website or social media pages “Author of insert book title here” immediately harnesses curiosity for the viewer. You become a person of interest.

Secondly, your opportunity for media coverage whether it be contributing to various industry publications, interviews on local radio etc goes through the roof. I now have now contributed to over 50 publications as well as been interviewed on, local and national radio after publishing my fourth book earlier this year.

Thirdly, you quickly become an industry leader and authority figure by your peers and your visibility can go from invisible to larger than life. Your referrals will increase especially when your first-class followers or raving fans have the opportunity to give a potential client a copy of your book. It is your business card on steroids.


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