Computershare Ltd announces expansion Down Under

By Bizclik Editor

As more iPads make their way into boardrooms across Australia, the need for more board portal location options has also increased. 

Fortunately for Oz and the UK, Computershare Ltd is expanding its operations outside the US and Canada to address this need.

A top financial provider for the global securities industry, Computershare Ltd provides an innovative hosting service called BoardWorks, which allows users to access board materials prior to, during or after a meeting, regardless of location. 

BoardWorks has been available for download through iTunes for several months, and its popularity prompted Computershare to expand its availability across the Pacific and Atlantic.


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"With today's increasingly regulated environment, clients with a global presence have been asking us for more choices in terms of where we are able to host their data," said Computershare Governance Services President, Mark Selinger in a press release.

"Because Computershare is a truly global player, we are able to leverage our worldwide, quality-leading facilities to offer our clients the broadest choice of locations in the board portal marketplace."

Computershare's signature infrastructure system, Global Entity Management System (GEMS), is the leading financial services product that enables users to consolidate presentation, business and data services.


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