Care deeply about your people: Leadership advice from Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter

By Bizclik Editor

Dick Costolo took over as CEO of Twitter in October of 2010. Since then, he's had the difficult task of continuing to make Twitter a profitable company. He's obviously succeeded, and it's no surprise that he's been asked to speak at conferences, graduation ceremonies and other events about his views on leadership. in 2013, he was awarded the CEO of the Year award at the Crunchies Awards, and was also named one of Time's 40 most influential tech CEOs.

When asked how he would describe himself as a CEO, he said, "Well, I think I'm present.

"I try to be really present and there for the team, and to understand what everybody else understands. Because when you have that understanding of what everybody else understands, you can provide the proper context for the decisions that are being made, and help communicate those decisions. And then, it's easier for everybody else in the company to feel like they have a sense of why decisions are being made... If I could sum up my advice in one sentence, it would be to make sure that everybody understands what you understand."

Watch the video below - an excerpt from Costolo's Disrupt SF 2013 panel - to more fully understand Costolo's leadership beliefs.



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