Bigcommerce Partnering With Alibaba To Take A Swing At Amazon

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With Alibaba’s record-setting largest IPO in history on the New York Stock Exchange, it makes sense companies would be vying to partner with the Chinese behemoth. A Sydney software company is one of those lucky companies.

Bigcommerce, an ecommerce software solutions company based in Sydney (and with offices in Austin, Texas and San Francisco, California), has teamed up with Alibaba. Alibaba is planning to integrate its buyer and supplier network with Bigcommerce’s users, making it easier for merchants to source their products directly through to Alibaba’s suppliers. Currently, Bigcommerce’s platform provides their small and medium online retailers with tools like order processing, analytics, mobile commerce and marketing tools, to help these companies manage their growth. The company also offers frameworks for businesses to build their own online stores. There are now 55,000 merchants using Bigcommerce, including about 10,000 in Australia, and they have processed about $5 billion of sales.

"It's a cross-promo deal," said Bigcommerce founder Eddie Machaalani. "We're going to help our people within the Bigcommerce platform source products globally through Alibaba's platform, and they'll be promoting Bigcommerce to their merchants.

"This deal is designed to democratise components of ecommerce. What companies like Amazon do really well is source products based on its buying power at an incredibly low cost and that pushes small businesses out of the market. We want all our businesses across the world to be able to leverage off Alibaba's platform to source products at a low cost as well."

The two companies plan to take on Amazon, hoping to provide it some competition in its monopoly of this merchant-to-consumer platform it has been dominant in for so long.

Information sourced from the Sunday Morning Herald.


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