Australia's Leading Idea Makers

By Adam Groff

Great ideas come and go all the time, which is why it's important to collect those little sparks of ingenuity and put them to good use.

A number of Aussie companies are doing just that by taking advantage of idea management systems.

The business world Down Under is ripe with great ideas. However, turning an idea into an end product is challenging.

Because of this, more and more Aussie companies are using idea management systems to take their great ideas from the page to reality.

With concept control in mind, here are just a few Australian companies that are managing their ideas as well as some benefits of the idea management process.

Halo Medical Devices

Halo, an Australian-based medical company, used idea management to create its laser goniometer, which is used to study joint movement. The Australian Olympic team as well as the country's NRL and AFL clubs now use the company's device.

99 Designs

With just a simple idea and a little help from idea management software, the Australian company 99 Designs was able to turn their online design job posting website into a massive resource. 99 Designs now connects millions of businesses in need of graphic designers with a huge community of freelance designers.


The Australian tech company Vardr took their idea for a Wi-Fi enabled camera system to a whole new level thanks to idea management software. With development assistance from idea management, the company's battery-powered Wi-Fi chip can connect remote motion sensing cameras to the Internet without having to run any cables.

As the following article notes, here are just a few of the many benefits of an idea management system for Australian companies and businesses all across the globe.

Collaboration Made Easy

Ask any major company and they'll all say the same: collaborating on ideas is oftentimes the hardest part of bringing a good idea to fruition.

With idea management systems, employees can share their ideas in an open forum and comment on their coworkers' ideas as well.

Open collaboration like this makes it much easier to share ideas and idea sharing is the heart of the creative process.

Many of the idea management tools on the market use real-time online discussion forums that allow employees from multiple locations to share raw ideas and sculpt them into reality.

Workflow Evaluation

Letting a great idea pass by without implementing it happens more often than not in the business world.

Luckily, idea management systems offer workflow-tracking features that ensure all ideas in the system are evaluated in a timely manner. This means businesses can rest assured that no ideas slip through the cracks.

Improved Engagement

A system that brings ideas to life increases employee engagement when it comes to the ideating process.

Idea management tools give employees a go-to resource for sharing their ideas, expanding on their coworkers' ideas, and taking part in the creation process. This not only improves employee engagement, it creates a more creativity-inspired workplace.

With the idea management benefits above, it's no surprise Aussie businesses are coming up with and implementing some amazing ideas.


About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including the ideation process and online business tools.


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