95 Percent Of CEOs In Australia Are Men, But Women CEOs Earn More

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There’s been a great push lately to make the workplace more gender equality, both in the ratio of men and women companies employ and the wages the sexes earn. However, a new survey of Australia’s top 200 companies by Qlik shows that 95 percent of CEOs are men.

The findings show an interesting dichotomy to the Australian business sector. More men are CEOs than women, and reach the position about 10 years faster than women (37 was the average age for men, 47 for women). However, women earned on average around $4.1m a year in chief executive roles, while men earned around $2.5m. This could be explained however, by the number of women CEOs in the banking and finance industries, which historically outperforms other industries in terms of salary.

Regarding the education level of CEOs, 96 percent attended university. A majority—52 percent went to an Australian university. This is surprising, as 53 percent of those surveyed were from overseas, with the UK producing the most out of country CEOs for Australia. What isn’t surprising is the choice of study of CEOs—business was the most common degree, with 34 percent of the CEOs who attended university achieving a Bachelors. Seventeen percent of CEOs earned an MBA.

Qlik conducted the study via its ‘Where do CEOs Come From’ app.

“This new app built on Qlik Sense helps to uncover the anatomy of the CEO in Australia, allowing us to find out what the ‘key ingredients’ are to become a ASX 200 CEO,” said Sharryn Millican, Vice President and Regional Director, ANZ at Qlik. “As a female executive myself, it’s surprising to see that little has changed when it comes to the lack of gender diversity in the boardroom and the fact that the average CEO is still likely male and his fifties. However, it also interesting to discover that you don’t necessarily need to attend the top universities around the world and only study Business or Commerce in order to become a CEO.”


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