100 Percent Liebherr Made Products Guide Company To Expansion

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Liebherr Australia, a development and manufacturing company under the global Liebherr brand, has several successful divisions operating in the country. Mining is a specific focus of the company; since the mining boom, Liebherr has been successful in their sales of earth moving machinery and cranes. Because of this success, new facilities in Sydney and Western Australia have been build.

Renovations and expansions were also on the list for the company, with changes to their existing locations in Mackay, Mt. Thorley, Redcliffe and Newman. The expansions were done specifically to accommodate the company’s move towards 100 percent Lieberr-produced machinery.

“The most important thing for us is controlling the quality and reducing the cost where we can,” shared David Pichanick, General Manager, Marketing and Sales. “We can do this because of our vertical integration model. We want to be able to provide our customers with the lowest cost per tonne on the market through life. You’ve got to have a good quality machine that’s reliable, but to maintain our reputation it has to be the most cost-effective machine on the market. Liebherr Australia has that reputation.”

One of the many reasons the company has been so successful is its focus on its employees.

“The most important thing in any business is you have to value your people. A lot of companies forget they are successful only by the great people they have. You have to give them a career and an exciting and enjoyable place to work. Liebherr Australia does that.”

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