What can businessfriend bring to Australia?

By Laura Close

How many apps do you use to do business? You’ve probably got your contacts app that came with the phone (or maybe even an old rolodex on your desk), LinkedIn for new contacts, some sort of file share app or program and an easy way to chat with your coworkers like Gchat or Whatsapp. But what if you could do that from one app?

Enter businessfriend.

The US-based business/social media platform launched earlier this year at CES in Las Vegas. It consolidates the noise with one effective business communications platform, allowing the user to seamlessly execute all business affairs in one powerful, mobile-first platform with a simple and attractive interface, allowing you to connect and share socially and professionally in a whole new way.

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“On any given day, the typical young professional can have as many as five platforms open to get them through their day,” said Glen White, Founder and CEO of businessfriend. “We offer one complete forum that enables constant connectivity for optimal business communications. One mobile app, one desktop, any device - no more juggling apps.”

Businessfriend has a video chat option, as well and IM and free VoIP call capabilities. The businessfriend Cloud offers 2GB of free storage, while a document downloading and sharing feature can replace your current cloud system. The point of the app? To provide a more personal approach to business without creating the need for users to share personal contact information.

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“We like to say businessfriend is the channel for professionals that are suffering from S.C.S. (scattered communications syndrome),” said Freddie Pierce, VP of Product and co-creator of the app. “We’re providing one place to consolidate all of your current communications, mediums and channels into one easy to use application. You’ll never have to say ‘I didn’t get that email’ or ‘where did that document go’ again.’”

 In Australia, and anywhere in the world that conducts business from a computer or desktop, businessfriend can help you consolidate several functions into one, easy-to-use application. businessfriend is available in the iTunes App Store and from Google Play and can be accessed via your desktop and businessfriend.com.


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