Top iPad Apps for Business Travelers

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Written by Abigail Phillips

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With major corporations like Mercedes-Benz, Hyatt Hotels and SAP using the iPad for business purpose, it’s no wonder that the world’s best-selling tablet has become an essential travel companion for mobile professionals. Not only does it fit easily into most carryon luggage, but it boasts a large screen that makes navigating web pages and maps much easier than on a smartphone.

The iPad is also outstanding for business travelers who enjoy reading, catching up on films or playing games while on a plane or lounging in their hotel room. Read on for the best iPad apps for the frequent business traveler, from weather tools to books and beyond.

1. KAYAK: KAYAK brings the best flight, hotel and car rental deals of to an app designed just for iPad. Experience the best flight search in the world, right in your hands. Regarded as ‘The most popular iPad travel app,’ KAYAK not only finds great deals, but can track your flight status, view and manage your trip itinerary, obtain baggage fee costs and access airline phone numbers and airport information. KAYAK’s iPad app also allows you to book your hotel directly by simply choosing KAYAK as your booking option—often times with better deals than competitors.

2. WeatherBug Elite: Don’t get caught in the rain without an umbrella or caught in the snow without a coat. With a limited baggage allowance, business travelers also need to know what to pack before heading off to unknown destinations on last minute trips and the iPad does not have a built-in weather app. Investing in one is essential for the frequent business traveler and WeatherBug Elite looks great and will provide users with advert-free, ongoing weather updates.

3. iBooks: Apple’s iBooks is a fantastic way to download and read books, particularly foreign language dictionaries and travel guidebooks for the destination you’re staying in. iBooks includes the iBookstore, where you can download the latest best-selling books. Browse your library on a beautiful bookshelf, tap a book to open it, flip through pages with a swipe or a tap, and bookmark your favorite pages.

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4. Loopt Pulse: When you have just landed in an unknown city and you are a tired from traveling, the last thing most business travelers want to do is go traipsing around in search of something to do, eat or drink. Still, business travelers often stop in cities for a small amount of time yet still want to get a feel for their destination. Loopt Pulse is an informative app that notifies users about interesting activities, eateries and bars in real-time by displaying photos and maps to direct you to the best locations quickly and easily.

5. TruPhone: While it’s widely regarded that the iPad is not the best phone in the world, it still does function as one. Still, the TruPhone VoIP calling app is much more convenient than using international pay phones and calling cards, assuming you have access to a Wi-Fi hotspot. To use the TruPhone app, you’ll need a set of earphones with a microphone; the standard iPhone earbuds will work fine. The app is free; however calls will cost users extra.


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