Technology, AI, Cyber Live provides insights for the APAC

The regional day of the Technology, AI, Cyber Live event provides regional insights for digital transformation in the APAC region

If you are looking for expert technology insights or you are in need of direction when it comes to securing your digital business practices, the Technology, AI, Cyber Live event is something you do not want to miss. Not only are we serving up the speakers that could inspire your digital transformation strategy, but they will also provide region-specific insights as we cover APAC, EMEA and North America throughout the day.

Outside of the UK? No Problem! 

The virtual viewing platform provides ample opportunities for businesses in all regions to attend the regional day of the event, which will be held on the 16th of September—the last chance to make the most of our keynote speakers and interactive digital platform. Hear from C-Level executives from leading tech organisations and engage with them via one-to-one sessions to gain region-specific insights. So don’t miss it!

Let’s meet two of the event speakers!  

Regional insights at Technology, AI, Cyber Live

Asia Pacific: 

Jacqueline Teo

As the Chief Digital Officer at HGC Global Telecommunications, Jacqueline Teo manages the technology and digital capabilities of those that utilise it, both internally and externally. Teo has led digital transformation in various companies, including Telstra (in the telecommunications space), Manulife (working in data-driven services), and was the Regional Director for Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the APAC region. 

Jon Eaves

Jon Eaves, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Edge Centres, will provide insights on modular, ‘off grid’ data centres. As the Founder of the 2021 tech startup, Eaves has first-hand experience in creating ultra-efficient data centres, leveraging solar power. Companies with a focus on sustainable digital transformation, or with an interest in the next generation of smart telecommunications, will certainly benefit from the session. 


Technology, AI, Cyber Live is sponsored by Leidos, a recognised leader in cybersecurity for healthcare, defence, and civil business. 


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