Kantar wins patent for Quantum Machine Learning in Singapore

By William Girling
Kantar, a global leader in research, data insights and consulting, announced that it has been awarded a patent in the Quantum Machine Learning arena...

Kantar, a global leader in research, data insights and consulting, announced that it has been awarded a patent in the Quantum Machine Learning arena.

This comes via the company’s specialised Brand Growth Lab (BGL), which was established in 2018 for the express purpose of developing AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) solutions.

The Lab, essentially an advanced analytics facility, is responsible for generating dynamic and innovative methods for Kantar to leverage big data resources and drive the corporate decision-making advice which the company is known for.

Discussing the technological advantages of quantum computing, Hernan Sanchez, MD at Kantar BGL, said, "Quantum technology will revolutionise Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This patent indicates our commitment to lead in this field. We are proud to have been awarded this patent as it demonstrates our advancement in the field of data science.”

Pushing the boundaries of computing

Utilising machines which leverage quantum physics - as opposed to ‘classical’ computers which are currently more widely used - Kantar’s computational could be significantly accelerated in solving problems unfeasible for other machines.

To illustrate the superiority of its new design, Kantar carried out two quantum experiments using real consumer data:

  • In the first experiment, customer segmentation based on available data was processed simultaneously by a classical and a quantum machine. The quantum ML programme algorithm demonstrated superior performance in this task.
  • The second expanded on this initial concept by exploring customer segmentation based on media consumption patterns using IBM’s five-qubit quantum computer.

The research will not end here as the benefits and potential of advanced quantum hardware are continually put to the test.

"In the field of Data Science, it is always crucial to be aware of the new techniques and methodologies in order to stay relevant and have that competitive edge,” said Shilpa Jain, Principal Data Scientist at Kantar BGL.

“By venturing into Quantum field early and experimenting with different Quantum machine learning techniques, we hope to have an early mover advantage that could bring great business value in the long run.

"With the support of EDB (Singapore's Economic Development Board), the Lab keeps on researching and developing advanced analytics solutions to help institutions and corporations maximize the productivity of their efforts.”

“The post-COVID-19 economy requires a new level of innovation and in today's data-driven economy, AI will play a key role," added Yee Mei Chan, co-MD of Kantar BGL.


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