Huawei releases Green 5G white paper

By Georgia Wilson
Huawei alongside Analysys Mason releases a green 5G white paper...

At the Better World Summit 2020, Huawei and Analysys Mason - a global consulting and research organisation that specialises in telecoms, media and digital services - Huawei has jointly released its Green 5G White Paper. 

Within the white paper, the two organisations analyse 5G’s role in increasing the energy efficiency of mobile broadband networks alongside the skyrocketing demand for digital connections. In addition the white paper explores how 5G technology will help vertical industries drive digital sustainability by boosting energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

Both Huawei and Analysys Mason have detailed a science based and comprehensive assessment based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) when it comes to the contribution 5G technology can provide when it comes to improving the energy efficiency of mobile broadband and vertical industries. 

Based on the assessments made by Huawei and Analysys Mason, the Green 5G White Paper aims to provide an extensive reference for governments, telecom carriers and industrial organisations when it comes to adopting 5G applications.

"At Huawei, we are working rigorously on improving 5G's per-bit energy efficiency to support the sustainable development of telecom technologies. More than that, we are also focusing on how to maximize the potential of 5G in helping vertical industries improve energy efficiency. Through open collaboration, we will continue to work closely with customers, partners, and research institutes to further assess and explore 5G's role in boosting energy efficiency,” commented Mr. Ritchie Peng, President of Huawei's 5G Product Line at the release ceremony.

The Green 5G White Paper comes as part of Huawei's continuous commitment to environmental sustainability as a core strategy for business development. “Huawei is always committed to continuous ICT innovations that help reduce carbon emissions for telecom products and these industries they are serving,” notes Huawei in a company statement.

"Energy sustainability is a shared challenge of the entire world. Huawei believes that, by helping industries boost energy efficiency, technologies like 5G, Al, and Cloud together will help the world to tackle climate issues. This has constantly inspired us to explore greener 5G technologies," said Mr. Zhou Mingcheng, VP of Global Public Affairs.

In addition to the announcement of the new Green 5G White Paper, at the summit, Caroline Gabriel, Principal Analyst of Analysys Mason, shared further details on how to assess 5G energy efficiency in addition to her suggestions on how to achieve these goals.

To read the full Green 5G White Paper by Huawei and Analysys Mason, click here!

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