Enterprise Software in the Restaurant World

By Bizclik Editor

Customisable, one-of-a-kind enterprise software is certainly not a new phenomenon. Businesses need tools and applications that are custom-fitted to achieve their specific strategies and goals. Obvious, right?

But how does enterprise software create solutions for the ever-evolving, fast-paced world of restaurant chains and franchises? Software development group Altametrics has practically cornered that market in the U.S., providing business management solutions designed specifically to help its clients boost productivity and profitability, deliver more effective customer service and ultimately, value.

The organization largely focuses on clients in the hospitality industry, specifically enterprise-level chains or franchise groups with 100 physical units or more. Altametrics provides a range of software solutions, from inventory systems and HR to timekeeping, Point of Sale solutions and beyond.


While Altametrics has a number of products in its pipeline, its e*Restaurant solution has been a company staple from the beginning. e*Restaurant was created as the fundamental business piece in 1997, and has evolved to offer several business management solutions including Back Office Suite, Supply Chain Suite, Workforce Management Suite, and Business Intelligence Suite. These solutions include a complete “back of house” collection and restaurant solution for clients. Fundamentally focused around inventory systems, e*Restaurant is essential for inventory scheduling, reporting functionalities, lowering food costs, reducing labor costs, managing cash and increasing guest service.

It can also assist with workforce management and supply chain management, and can integrate with schedule enforcing tools, like Altametrics’ customised time clock. With e*Restaurant as the core driver of business, Altametrics has matured its other products to gain a larger piece of market share and become the standard it is today in the restaurant industry. In fact, Altametrics’ e*Restaurant clients have reported return on investments between 900 – 1,300 per cent in the first year of use.


Unlike its competitors, Altametrics provides an enterprise-level solution that is scalable up to multi-thousand unit organizations. Some of the largest restaurant operators in the world can and do use the software on a global level, which makes Altametrics a fierce competitor in the international landscape. The company has been structured to quickly accommodate to the needs of its clients by producing customer software development for their specific needs, regardless of their size or geographic location.

One such client is California Pizza Kitchen, an organization that has deployed Altametrics software heavily within the U.S. and is now establishing it on an international level.  Altametrics has grown with CPK to help it gain the same level of success it’s found in the U.S. by controlling food costs and a number of other important functions.

Altametrics also works with McDonald’s in Australia and the APMEA region. Together with McDonald’s, Altametrics has proven the success of large-scale deployments in an international landscape and shown that its software is not only the choice of the top restaurant groups in the world, but is actually the standard for this level of deployment. Together, the companies are currently working on a brand new game changing solution in Australia.

Other major clients include Wendy’s International, JD Wetherspoon, Baja Fresh and Max and Erma’s.


With a global team spread across Texas, India, Canada, Australia and its headquarters in California, Altametrics has an advantage to help its clients all over the world. Together with its clients, the Altametrics team is constantly working on coming up with new, cutting-edge developments.

The company is constantly looking down the road to implement software packages that are revolutionary, from web-based solutions to centralized reporting functionalities. The ability to listen, collaborate and innovate with clients is leaving competition in the dust, and has put Altametrics in a leader in this sort of development.

As its U.S. clients look towards more growth in the international marketplace, Altametrics is poised to grow with them and provide its cutting-edge solutions wherever, and whenever, needed.


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