Clubworx looks to take the fitness industry to the next level

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We all know fitness is king in Australia, and an Aussie startup is now attempting to take the industry to an even higher level by making it easier to manage your studio.

Founder and former CEO of direct debit provider PaymentHub Matthew McGown recently invested $750,000 in Clubworx, which is a cloud-based Australian technology company that provides online member management software to fitness businesses such as gyms and health clubs, as well as martial arts, dance and yoga studios across Australia, U.S. and Canada.

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Clubworx plans to help fitness businesses get to the next level by streamlining and automating critical day-to-day administration through a simple, flexible, online system. It will also assist in member retention in addition to keeping members informed about products and programs.

After officially launching its management system in Australia on Aug. 1, Clubworx has established itself in the U.S. as well. A cloud-based software provider, Clubworx is an uncommon combination of website creation, calendaring and CRM functionality.

In short, Clubworx has validated itself as popular among tech-savvy studios looking to leverage their technological power to grow their business.

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“When the idea was first pitched to me to invest in this technology, I jumped at the opportunity,” said McGown. “Having a background in payments, and specifically in delivering solutions in the fitness industry, I could see the potential of Clubworx immediately. Its technology integrates many parts of a typical fitness business and packages them in a really simple interface that will make fitness studio owners lives much easier.”

By being a powerful, integrated set of tools that can assist businesses present a stellar experience to customers, Clubworx intends to make an impact in the fitness market.

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“There are many moving parts in a fitness business,” said current Clubworx CEO Emily Smart. “You need a beautiful, sales-focused website, integration with social media, a payment collection platform, scheduling and attendance tracking and finally the ability to manage and track members.

“To run a successful operation you need to be on top of these functions and with Clubworx, we’ve wrapped them all up in an easy-to-use online tool that frees business owners from the complexity of managing multiple systems and suppliers.”

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