May 20, 2020

China Unicom joins ZTE to complete world’s first 5G call

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China Unicom joins ZTE to complete world’s first 5G call

Chinese tech firm ZTE has announced that it, along with the Guangdong branch of Unicom, has completed the world’s first 5G phone call on its prototype 5G handset

ZTE’s press release noted that the test incorporated ZTE’s complete end-to-end 5G solution, comprised of a radio access network, core network, transport network and intelligent device.

The Shenzhen 5G field trial also successfully verified a host of services, according to ZTE’s press release, including WeChat group voice call, web browsing, and online video streaming.

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Shenzhen, the “City of Innovation”, is one of China Unicom’s 5G pilot cities.

Through the successful 5G call, Shenzhen has played host to the world’s first commercial call in the 5G NSA mode in compliance with 3GPP Rel-15.

ZTE added that the achievement highlights ZTE’s strong industry position in 5G research and development and commercialisation, and placing the firm amongst the key players in the emergent 5G space.

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