May 20, 2020

China Mobile and Ubitus launch 5G cloud gaming service

China Mobile
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China Mobile and Ubitus launch 5G cloud gaming service

Innovative software company Ubitus is reportedly teaming up with China Mobile deliver to introduce a new cloud-based gaming service: ‘UGAME’.

China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) believes that UGAME has the potential to change the paradigm of modern phone-based gaming and streaming services. The app will be available for download from the Google Play store. 

Already scheduled to host 40 titles, customers will be able to demo the platform as it remains in the beta stage of development - the app will become subscription-based following its completion. 

A taste of gaming’s future

It’s difficult to understate the potential that 5G internet speeds will enable as it is gradually rolled out across the world. 

With estimates measuring 5G as approximately 1,000% faster than the fastest 4G service available, the capacity for streaming data which is more complex at a faster rate is an exciting prospect. 

CMHK notes that this will provide gamers with a revolutionary gaming experience, wherein the need for computers or consoles will be lessened by augmented smartphone capabilities. 


"Ubitus is delighted to collaborate with CMHK for 5G cloud gaming by using our industry-leading technologies,” said Wesley Kuo, CEO of Ubitus.

“Combining our new business model, technological strengths and global connections in the gaming industry with CMHK’s leading position in Hong Kong, we expect consumers will enjoy the next level cloud gaming and pioneer 5G services.”

Supplying the technology

Ubitus states that its GPU (graphics processing unit) technology and integration with the cloud is amongst the best in the world. 

Part of the company’s attraction lies in its simplicity: if a customer has a broadband connection, they can access a range of high-quality gaming entertainment from any smart device. 

Working in tandem with CMHK’s expertise in 5G networks, IoT, AI, cloud computing and Big Data, the duo are likely to produce a fruitful partnership which provides a flexible and convenient service to gamers in a way never experienced before.

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