May 19, 2020

ATM Stops to Quicken with Contactless Transactions

Bizclik Editor
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ATM Stops to Quicken with Contactless Transactions

Visiting the ATM is about to get a whole lot faster thanks to the Spanish bank who recently introduced the ‘contactless’ ATM in Barcelona. According to the Herald Sun, rather than inserting your debit card into the machine and tapping your foot as your information is processed, the card is swiped across a digital reader. A ‘beep’ signifies the go-ahead with your PIN entry and transaction.

"We've got contactless cards out there in the market, we've got contactless point of sale terminals and we are starting to see consumers use them more and more," business relations company RFi director Alan Shields told the Daily Telegraph. When questioned by the Herald Sun as to the probability of this speedy technology making its way Down Under, he answered “I think eventually we will see them, absolutely.”


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Without the card insert feature, these ATMs are expected to make withdrawing cash a quicker process. The advanced technology is also said to make card skimming – the use of electronic gadgets to steal credit and debit card information – more difficult.

Fingers crossed this time-saving technology is soon implemented at petrol stations – the second longest wait I experience on a weekly basis.

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