COVID-19: AXA Hong Kong prioritises mental health benefits

By Kate Birch
With the pandemic placing an emphasis on employee mental health, AXA Hong Kong introduces series of new physical and mental health protection services...

With the aim of supporting corporates and their employees during the pandemic, leading employee benefits insurer AXA Hong Kong and Macau has announced a series of free new physical and mental health protection and services for all Employee Benefits’ customers.

In addition to providing physical protection for pandemic-related illness, AXA has unveiled a series of complementary mental health-focused digital tools along with an e-consultation service and e-prescription service helping employees and dependents deal with the pressures, stressors and dangers of the current crisis. 

“It’s especially important to keep a calm and optimistic attitude to fight the pandemic and we hope that our suite of Mind Health Digital Tools can help our customers cope with the COVID related uncertainties and challenges,” said Sally Wan, CEO of AXA Hong Kong and Macau. 

Covid cover marks first in market

Part of AXA’s updated offer includes a first for the Hong Kong market, Benefits for Hospital Income (COVID-19), which AXA has introduced as a standard policy provision, updating the benefits of policy-holders with long-term protection for free. 

This makes AXA the first insurer in the market to incorporate such benefits, providing insured employees or dependents with hospital cash for 45 days if admitted to hospital due to COVID-19.  

Mind Health Digital Tools

With the aim of providing holistic health, in light of all the anxieties and stressors brought on by the pandemic, AXA has further introduced a series of complementary Mind Health Digital Tools via the Emma by AXA app. These include:

  • Mental Health Guru Interactive multimedia platform on mental health education
  • Moodgym Scientifically proven tool to help users enhance resilience and prevent anxiety
  • Smiling Mind Mindfulness meditation tool
  • Mind Charger Mindfulness meditation tool with selective modules guided by celebrity yoga instructor Margaret Chung

[email protected] video consultation service

Thanks to a collaboration between AXA and various healthcare companies, including UMP Healthcare Holdings Limited, Pedder Healthcare Management Limited and Chiron Healthcare, employees and dependents can access via the Emma by AXA app video consultations with doctors. 

The key services of the [email protected] service includes:

  • A diversified network of doctor services, including access to a GP as well as eight specialist services, from Infectious Diseases to Cardiology.
  • Comprehensive care for all age groups, from infants to the elderly
  • Free follow-up consultation with 24 hours
  • Exclusive e-Prescription service delivering prescription medicine and referral letter directly to their homes

As more employees struggle to live within today’s ‘new normal’ and the pressures and anxieties that come with it, companies worldwide are being forced to take employee health both more seriously and more holistically.

According to Gartner, 68% of organisations already having introduced at least one new wellness benefit to aid employees during the pandemic by late March 2020. 


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