JustLogin: continuity for Singapore business post-COVID-19

By William Girling
JustLogin, an award-winning HR cloud-based platform from Singapore, has announced a promotional five months free usage period for its software...

JustLogin, an award-winning HR cloud-based platform from Singapore, has announced a promotional five months free usage period for its software.

The company, whose applications include in payroll, attendance, annual leave management functions and more, are doing so in order to help domestic businesses establish a degree of normality and continuity following COVID-19-related disruptions. 

A core component of empowering employees to work remotely is HR’s ability to sufficiently monitor performance with equivalent accuracy, whilst also maintaining staff engagement and morale.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of cloud-based solutions for businesses as they look to adapt to this 'new normal'. As they say, the only constant in the world is change,” said Kwa Kim Chiong, CEO, in a press release.

Experts in HR cloud

Possessing over 20 years of experience in the sector, JustLogin prides itself on helping SME/Bs meet their operational challenges head-on with best-in-class tech solutions.

Presenting a suite of turnkey solutions which can scale across various enterprises, the company’s utilisation of cloud helps its clients remain efficient and agile, with much easier workflows for calculating overtime pay, leave allocations and more.

Each aspect of JustLogin’s platform is designed to piece together for specific functions. The individual services are:

  • JustPayroll
  • JustLeave
  • JustClock
  • JustExpense
  • JustBenefit
  • JustPeople
  • SafeClock

Specialised combinations include automated payroll (JustPayroll + JustLeave + JustClock), seamless reimbursements (JustPayroll + JustExpense + JustBenefit) and attendance monitoring (JustLeave + JustClock).

Adapting to the new normal

Whilst the present market climate is undoubtedly a volatile and uncertain environment to operate in, Chiong is adamant that businesses should not view the challenges as insurmountable. He cites adopting new technologies in daily operations as crucial to success.

“We should not fear change but should embrace and adapt to it. Businesses that still persist with the traditional model will certainly be left out as more businesses adopt new and innovative ways to operate and become more efficient.”

A poll conducted by hrtech.sg apparently revealed that the vast majority of companies agree with Chiong’s assertion - 80.7% has taken an accelerated approach to HR tech in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

"We are in an unprecedented moment in human history, organisations have to adapt to economic uncertainty and also massive workforce-related changes,” added Sriram Iyer, CEO of hrtech.sg. 

“It is a defining moment for HR teams to adapt to whatever changes that are happening quickly with the latest tech solutions."


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