Huawei: driving new value with 5G innovation

By Georgia Wilson
Business Chief APAC gains insight from Huawei on the value 5G can provide the economy, connectivity, computing, cloud, AI, and industrial applications...

At the recent, 5G for Good Summit, Yang Chaobin, President of Huawei's Wireless Network Solution, outlined some of the benefits 5G can provide to industries and the economy. 

Enabling all-scenario connectivity

At the summit, Chaobin explained that being a new mobile communication technology, 5G will help to significantly improve connectivity experiences. The technology is expected to transcend the boundaries between devices and scenarios. This will enable smartphones, smart wearables and smart homes to make working life more convenient. 

"The value of 5G will be shown not only through the upgrades to mobile services, but also through the new opportunities brought to the connectivity industry," added Yang Minghui, President of CITIC Securities. Minghui believes that the increase in data traffic will drive more extensive digital consumption, expanding mobile interconnections to industry interconnections, driving a fully connected world.

Intelligent computing

Due to the significant growth when it comes to data, the growth has raised the requirements for computing. With the development of 5G, cloud-edge-device collaborative and diversified computing are emerging trends in the industry. 

"5G enables cloud-based mobile applications, Internet of Everything, and Smart Everything. Traditional data centres running on general-purpose CPUs will have to be upgraded for higher computing power to deliver device-edge-cloud collaborative computing,” commented Andy Guo, Consulting Director of Frost & Sullivan China.

Driving a new intelligent world via 5G, cloud and artificial intelligence (AI)

At the 5G for Good Summit, leaders within the industry discussed how 5G, cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming businesses. "Since commercial 5G rollout, new applications have been emerging. Additionally with cloud and AI, traditional transportation is changing substantially to adapt to autonomous driving and smart logistics," commented Peter Nie, Internet Solution CTO & 5G+X General Manager of HUAWEI CLOUD. "5G upgrades the development of services from human-reliant to cloud-based. 5G, together with everything, creates a future that is beyond our imagination. A new intelligent world is now at the door."

Driving industry digital transformation with 5G

"As an essential part of the digital foundation, 5G is bound to enable digital, networked, and intelligent modernisation of various industries," commented Jessie Chang, Head of Ecosystem Engagement of GSMA Greater China. 

According to Chang, the country is at the forefront of 5G application, and has made remarkable achievements when it comes to healthcare, coal mining and port as well as other fields.

Following the evolution of the standards, alongside the improvement of the module and terminal industry chains, 5G will help to enable digital transformation for industries to become a powerhouse for a digital economy.

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